Connected Everything Everywhere

Can you imagine? As you are reading this, there are more than 6.4 billion devices connected, from machines to lamps and from waste containers to measuring instruments. Together they form the Internet of Things, abbreviated to the IoT. The possibilities of the IoT are infinite and it is expected that in the future the IoT will become ever larger, if not, indispensable, for organisations and companies willing to improve services and production processes.

The IoT is growing incredibly fast. Whereas there are now 6.4 billion devices connected to each other, by 2025 there will be 50 billion. The Internet of Things offers solutions to various issues related to energy, the environment, safety, health care, education and business. The IoT helps to make processes more transparent, which means that you can save time and money. Also, by applying IoT, you can better respond to your customer’s needs.

The sensor and network specilalist

The IoT Company is the sensor, connectivity and network specialist when it comes to IoT issues. In addition to providing standard sensors, The IoT Company also develops its own sensors for specific applications. We are a specialist in wireless techniques. The IoT Company is experienced in realizing new sensor products with LPWAN technologies. We take care of the development and serial production of your IoT product. As a shareholder of the SIGFOX network, we have specialist knowledge and technology in-house and look at all forms of connectivity; from sensors to network and software.

Energy efficient and cost-effective

The IoT Company develops sensors that are very energy efficient. This means that the batteries of our sensors have a long life, even up to 20 years. Where many competitors use standard SIM card sensors, we apply custom-made sensors. These sensors not only last longer, but also the cost of our connectivity subscription is much lower than that of a standard SIM card solution. In addition to the previously mentioned benefits and savings, our IoT solutions make your business processes more transparent. This helps you make improvements so you can work as efficiently and effectively as possible. This lowers costs and provides better results for both you and your customers.

Apply IoT within your organisation?

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