The IoT Monitoring Well SensoR

It is generally known that the groundwater levels are low. The warm summer of 2018 has caused a large deficit of ground water in large parts of Western Europe. It is up to the water companies to balance the supply and demand of water in their regions. Not only today, but certainly in the future.

Water companies have in recent years, partly due to pressure from the changing climate, evolved from water production and distribution facilities to integrated water companies that fully adapted to a circular model.

Measurements are made daily to monitor the groundwater level in water collection areas, such as nature reserves and meadows. By using our IoT sensor there is no longer a need to manually check water levels. Water companies receive the needed data automatically via an app or dashboard. All this is completely wireless. Our sensors are energy efficient and last for a long time.The IoT monitoring well SensoR is available on Sigfox, LoRa and NB-IoT.

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