The IoT Cathodic ProtectR

The Netherlands are filled to the brim with underground pipes. Metal that is in the ground must be protected from corrosion. This is done through Cathodic protection. By checking the readouts of the voltage, current and coupons it can be determined whether the cathodic protection is still effective and the pipes are not affected by corrosion. Because periodically reading these measurement poles is a labor-intensive process, The IoT Company has developed a sensor that transmits the current, voltage and coupon measurement every day. By linking software to this, the physical visiting of the measurement poles is no longer necessary. In the case of a deviation in the measured values, it becomes directly visible in the software. After this, targeted action can be taken. Our sensor is also able to send an alarm in case of extreme changes in value, or in case of toppling. A huge saving on capacity and budget is quickly realized in this way.

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