The IoT FieldMate

The FieldMate is the first agricultural IoT weather station to easily deliver a wide range of data. This advanced weather station can be easily installed in any agricultural area and works for both arable farming, forestry or horticulture. After placing and activating the weather station, the FieldMate immediately starts sending the desired data. The number of measurements per day can be set at your own leisure.

By working with a software company, this IoT sensor comes with an accompanying app by default (both Android and iOS). By using this software package you get a better picture in possible weather and disease models, a spray planner and alerts. The IoT FieldMate measures the temperature and humidity in different places both above and below ground.

The sensor can easily be placed in the desired plot. The data is automatically sent after activation. The FieldMate is very energy efficient; a single battery lasts up to 5 years.

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