Waste Level SensoR

Our IoT Level Indicator is a sensor that is widely used in underground waste containers and bins. This sensor measures in what degree these containers are filled. In doing so, they make sure garbage disposal cars do not deploy in vain. Additionally, they can alert the disposal services to make an extra run if the containers are filled prematurely.
In this way, one can respond more efficiently and according to the needs of residents. At the same time, time and money are saved through effective scheduling of manpower and saving on miles driven, which in turn contributes to a better environment. A win-win situation. Our IoT (Waste) Level Indicator can be expanded with The IoT LockR. This is a
SMART IoT lock which can be switched on remotely. At large festivities in cities it may be preferred that the underground waste containers can in order to protect them for fireworks, for example. Previously the containers would have to be locked manually, but with the use of The IoT LockR that is a thing of the past. Vandalism against underground waste containers can be limited in this way.

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