The IoT CountR

How many people are in a building? At which desk can I still sit? Many large buildings suffer from workplace shortages. Colleges and universities in particular are often busy and overcrowded. Or are they really? By mapping the number of people present in certain rooms or behind desks it has often been shown that not always all spaces are continuously occupied. By linking this data to software packages for planning, it is easy to map where space is available and this allows buildings to be used more efficiently.

In addition to responding to space shortages, visitors to buildings are also able to quickly secure a free place. There are several apps that indicate where workstations are still available. The search for a workspace is therefore outdated.

To fully respond to the need for a smart building, things like light and temperature can also be connected to it. Lights that automatically go out when a room is unoccupied, or an air conditioning that does not need to cool continuously work cost-effective and are better for the environment.

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