The IoT ClimatR

The indoor climate affects learning and work performance. The IoT ClimatR in an indoor climate sensor, which maps climate control in a given space. Think of the amount of co2, humidity and temperature. In this way, the indoor climate is controllable and you can take targeted measurements. In addition, it is nice to know how many people are actually present in a building. Ventilation and heating can be adapted accordingly.

In addition to creating an optimal living environment, this sensor can also save costs. How many people are still in a building? Is it necessary to heat or cool every room or even every floor? Does the light really have to stay on in that empty space? Can I save on my cleaning costs? For large buildings, this saving can quickly amount to tens of thousands of euros per year. Our IoT ClimatR works both at Sigfox and LoRa as well as on our self-developed protocol for local solutions (our own Gate-way solution).

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