The IoT TrackR

Tracking vehicles, trailers, containers, products and other (smaller) assets is becoming increasingly important. We want to know where our trucks, trailers, trailers, trashcans or smaller tools are at any given moment. It is almost impossible think of anything that can’t be traced. In terms of sensors, The IoT Company has several possibilities with regard to Track and Trace. Most trackers pass GPS locations, displaying the exact location.

Depending on your demands, there are several possibilities. For example, you can choose to see where the assets are a few times a day, but you can also indicate that you only want to see this in certain situations, for example when moving or standing still for more than a given amount of hours.

To trace objects, you can also use our self-developed software. This software provides insight into where your assets are located. Depending on your wishes and needs, there are of course several options possible.


  • Exact location determination based on GPS coordinates
  • History display
  • An integrated temperature sensor extension is possible
  • Many times cheaper than traditional GPS capabilities

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