Energy suppliers already use Internet of Things solutions. This is already saving a lot of money in the consumer market. Household appliances, such as the washing machine, only turn on when the peak load is at its lowest. The smart thermostat not only gives residents more insight and control, but also provides useful information to the energy supplier. In this way, we are more able to adapt to the peak loads and manage energy use.

For large business compounds and offices, it is very interesting to work with smart IoT solutions. Savings on heating and air conditioning swiftly pays for itself. By measuring which workplaces are in use, energy consumption in the building can be optimized. This allows a large saving on energy consumption for lighting, heating and air conditioning to be realized. The water supply network also benefits from smart IoT solutions. Water suppliers already use many sensors that measure water pressure, pollution and wear in underground pipes.

IoT within the energy market

  • Savings on heating and air conditioning in large office buildings
  • Distributing solar energy to other customers
  • Measuring water pressure, pollution and wear and tear in underground water pipes

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